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shemale phone sexI’m a different girl to begin with, but especially different than so many of the shemales in transgender phone sex. I’m not into heavy makeup, dominatrix or glamour gear or even breast implants. I’m a sensual t-girl who has a fully functional seven inch cock. And I love sex! Even though I don’t have surgically swollen breasts (my A-cups are all mine and I love them!) or use a lot of makeup, I’m very passable and have a beautiful, sexy voice. People who don’t know that I do shemale phone sex, tell me I have the perfect phone sex voice. They don’t know my little secrets!

A bit more about me . . . I would have been a total hippie in the 70’s. Now, I guess you could call me something of a throwback. I dress in a unique, vintage, bohemian style that’s all my own and turns heads wherever I go.  My friends sometimes compare my fashion sense to Vanessa Hudgens and some people think I look like her–how cool is that?

carryingbooksAs for my regular job, I work in a used bookstore. Books were my refuge growing up, feeling so different and out of place. And books have always stimulated my imagination and fantasies. I’m part Native American and I love all things natural and mystical. To me, sex can be a magical and mystical experience, more than just a powerful physical experience.

Why don’t you call me for transsexual phone sex and we can explore this together? I love my body and I want to love your body, too. I look forward to getting to know you and vice versa.

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