Jun 082017

shemale phone sexHave you ever fantasized about being with a pretty ladyboi? About being with a hot chick with a dick? Does this sexual fantasy arouse you? Titillate you?

Or even scare you a little?

Now let me help you make your fantasy become reality. It’s time for you to get over your fear of cock. And it’s time to vanquish your shyness about shemales when you call me for shemale phone sex.

I want to be your first. Look at me–I’m approachable, friendly, easy to talk to. I’m here to be understanding but, lol, in every sense of the word–firm! I will treat you as gently as any virgin. Let me take you and make a woman of you.

Losing your virginity might hurt a little. I know. If you have already been using a dildo when you masturbate or have experience with a strap-on sex, I can get more intense as your appetite for my cock grows. If you like it rough, I can fuck you that hard. My cock will ravish you, but my sweet voice and gentle personality will leave you with no doubt that you are being fucked by a sexy woman.

transgender phone sexOne thing you must do for me is to stop calling the cisgender phone sex girls to confess your secret transsexual fantasies, when I know what you really want is transgender phone sex with a real woman (with a real cock) like me. Experience the real thing you’ve been missing when you call me. A beautiful shemale with a seven inch cock will be in bed with you. Surrender yourself and let me open you up to a new world where I will infuse your sex life with intimate sensualities.


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