Things That Make Me Happy


Hearing from you makes me happy. Giving you pleasure, making your fantasy real, making a safe place for you to break free from your own gender straightjacket . . . these things give me incredible joy.

When we’ve shared on Niteflirt and you leave me feedback, that makes me smile big-time!

I’m not much of a material girl, but you can see my Amazon wish list if you want:

Books make me happy–that’s why I love working at a wild, chaotic used book store. Animals of every kind, especially wild ones, make my heart smile. There is so much beauty in and on this earth and sometimes it takes my breath away.

I believe everyone and everything is connected so we must love and respect one another. Sometimes when I have sex with you, even on the phone, we can both be so present that for a moment, we feel like one spirit.

Then I smile.

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